For Architects



We know from our own experience how important unlimited options are. Other crucial elements are durability and adaptation of the product to project’s requirements. That is why we are ready to discuss with you our technology and the goals that we can achieve together. Don’t hesitate to contact our regional sales representatives who are also responsible for the cooperation with Architects.

We want to provide you with the access to the best tools available. That is why we developed and shared the library of our products on the Archispace platform. The images have been prepared in CAD, the program appreciated by Architects. They are suitable for the creation of 2-D projects as well as 3-D visualizations.

We aim at maximizing the utility of our actions. You can submit a comment about every inconvenience noticed while using the library of our products at ALSANIT@ALSANIT.PL and we will immediately try to eliminate it.


ALSANIT Archispace Library