About Us



In our company, we design and manufacture the equipment for different types of facilities. We specialize in sanitary solutions. Continuous development, an inherent element of our strategy, is shaped by the requirements of our Customers. We adapt the design of our systems to their needs. We study, check and test. Our company, it is a team of creative and open-minded people who treat their job as a hobby. We create a space for effective cooperation with our Customers. 


• skills – we offer you our knowledge and experience gained during the realization of various projects. We know how to help our Customers.

• creative thinking – reflected in the individual approach towards each Customer. Our aim is to provide the best possible answer to each question. Every new series of our products and accessories is based on our creativity.

• organized approach – high quality of services as well as perfect coordination of production process are for us a standard necessary to maintain our position on the market, which nowadays requires all projects to be realized smoothly and on time.

• cooperation internal cooperation between employees as well as external cooperation with our Suppliers and Customers is crucial for us. We provide support to our Customers at all stages of the project realization process: from our first meeting to the installation of the final product on site. We appreciate our regular Customers by offering them the participation in partner programs.

• reliability for us, it is a particularly crucial value based on obeying the deadliness, ensuring high quality of our products as well as maintaining good relationships with Customers. We achieve it thanks to our organized approach and cooperation. Reliability guarantees Customer’s satisfaction from products as well as services provided by us.